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June 12, 2010

Unjustice still prevails

The budget of Sindh that has been presented by the CM SINDH Qaim Ali Shah on Friday evening sounds to be a good budget, but only for the people connected with the profession of Police or Government employement . But the unjustice that is prevailing in our country since 62 years still prevails.

Firstly, a fund has been formulated with the name of Lyari development fund is a new of its kind. No fund has been made like this in previous government budgets. In other words, you can say that this amount has been provided to the supporters of the present Government i.e. Lyari

Secondly, the development fund for Kemari has also been allocated in the budget. Again this amount is allocated for the area that consists a great number of present government supporters .

Thirdly, the budget allocated to Larkana exceeds to the budget of Hyderabad. Though more development is needed in Hyderabad than Larkana. Again larkana is the headquarters of the current government .

It can clearly been seen that new funds have been allocated for the urban areas as the great number of the supporters of present government prevails in these areas ,whereas, in the rural areas there is a shortfall of the resepective supproters

Though Karachi is also given a large amount of fund and I am very thankful to the Chief Minister for this kind act. But I want to draw the attention of the respective authorities and the MPA’s of Sindh to kindly consider the facts and then allocate the budget to the areas where the development is more important and the state/province can be benefited by this development. Budget deficit to some extent is a good thing for the growing economy as it shows the development in the country whereas Budget surplus depicts that other way round.


Nauman Adil



SC judgement on NRO

December 11, 2009


SC says NRO void to reopen all cases

Govt requests the apex court to nullify NRO
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) Thursday observed that it had no intention to derail the system, and stood by it in all respects, adding if NRO is declared null and void then all the cases will stand reopen automatically. This was observed by the 17-member larger bench of the SC during hearing of NRO-related cases here.
The court rejected the plea taken by Dr Farooq Ahsan, counsel for Qazi Hussain Ahmad, that President Asif Zardari be made respondent in this case, remarking that in his petition the President has not been made party while in other petitions President has been made party.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, counsel for Dr Mubashar Hassan; Ikram Chaudhry, counsel for Roedad Khan; and Dr Farooq Hassan, counsel for Qazi Hussain Ahmad completed their arguments.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzada argued NRO was legislation enacted against the Constitution. Therefore, it should not be considered law from the very first day as Constitution never permitted to enact such laws, he added. The cases against beneficiaries of NRO were still intact and if this Ordinance was declared unconstitutional then all the benefits sought under NRO would stand abolished.
Ikram Chaudhry said that NRO was not a national reconciliation but it was a deal struck between a dictator and a political party. It gave no relief to common man and it benefited only specific group, he contended. Justice Javed Iqbal observed it was not important during which regime the cases were instituted or quashed but the noteworthy point was this that the courts did not terminate these cases. Ikram Chaudhry said that the high commissioner who had obtained record in respect of Swiss accounts himself was beneficiary of NRO. Ikram Chaudhry said NAB had concealed the facts from the court. Correct record in respect of 8 persons has not been provided to the court. Rehman Malik had committed corruption of $1.5 million and not only Rs1.5 million. Several ministers benefited from NRO, he added. An individual promulgated the Ordinance for his personal gains, he noted.
Farooq Hassan said temptation had been given for corruption through NRO. This ordinance was against the law and now the entire nation was looking forward to the court, he added. Kamal Azfar, counsel for Federation, said that NRO be kept confined to petition filed by Dr Mubashar Hassan. Several new points have emerged in the case. Therefore all other petitioners be allowed to file petitions and fresh notice be issued to Federation, he submitted. Earlier, Federal government filed a statement with the apex court requesting therein to accept the challenges against the NRO and declare it as ultra vires of the Constitution. Barrister Kamal Azfar filed the statement on behalf of the federation before the larger bench. The hearing was adjourned till Monday.-Online
Source:The financial daily

Blast in pakistan in the year 2009

December 4, 2009

Jan blasts: 53 killed:40 injured:129
Feb blasts: 51 killed:87 injured:320
Mar blasts:42 killed:154 injured:234
Apr blasts:39 killed:134 injured:294
May blasts:41 killed:97 injured:604
Jun blasts:50 killed:122 injured:405
Jul blasts:52 killed:67 injured:170
Aug blasts:37 killed:49 injured:120
Sep blasts:23 killed:87 injured:276
Oct blasts:32 killed:314 injured:541
Nov blasts:20 killed:235 injured:400
Dec blasts:3 killed:42 injured:19
Total blasts:443 killed:1428 injured:3512


December 1, 2009

18 febuaray kay election main bhari aksariyat say jeetnay wale Pakistan people party apnay 19 mah pooray krchuki hai. Pakistan peoples party nay hukumat main atay he degar dosri siasi jamaton say colletion hukumat bananay  ki bat cheet shuru krdi. Aur bilakhir hamay wafaq main PPP, ANP aur PML-N ka itehad nazar aya aur hukumat e waqt ki pehli kabina main ppp samet degar aur jamaton kay karkunon nay bhe waizarton ka halaf uthaya.  PPP aur PML-N kay darmiyan hukumat main anay say pehlay kai muhaiday hoay jinhay hum charter of democracy aur burban declaration kay nam say jantay hain jis main is baat per itefaq hua tha kay ppp hukumat main anay kay baad apany itehadiyon kay sath mushawart krkay 58 2 (b) jisay 17th amendment bhe kaha jata hai usay khatam kregi jiskay tehat sadar apnay iktiarat kum krkay wazir e azam ko muntaqil krdega. Is kay sath sath sabiq sadar pervaiz musahraf  kay khiilaf assembly main impeachment dair krnay ki shik bhe charter of democracy main shamil the. Aik aur shik jis per is charter kay tehat itefaq e rai ha tha who judges ki bahali ka masla tha jis kay baray main yeh kaha gya tha kay pco kay tehat jjitnay judge nay halaf uthaya hai unko farigh ul tehseel krdya jaiga jbkay 3 nov say pehlay wale adleea ko bahal krna hoga. Ppp ka poora manshoor is aik shair per mubni hai

                                Maang rae hai awam
                                Roti kapra aur makan

Roti kapra aur makan ka wada krnay wale is hukumat nay awam ko jo sb say pehla tuhfa dya woh petroleum masnooat ki keemton main izafay ki shakal main dya. Is tauhfay kay baad awam kay dilon main mazeed taufhon ki khwaisyat khatam hogai.

Magar is hukumat nay musharraf kay daur –e-iqtidar kay khatmay, adleea ki bahali aur halia main shakar ka bhuran paeda krnay main ahem krdar ada ka hai.

Charter of democracy main kye gae  us waqt kay sadar pervaiz musharaf ki impeachment kay waday ko ppp poora krti nazar nae area the tu PML-N kay tamam wuzra nay aik deadline kay baad apnay istifah wazir e azam yousuf raza gilani ko bhejwa dye aur wizarat kay uhday say mustafi hogai. Magar bilakhir daer aye durusat aye ppp nay pml-n say impeachment kay hawaly say mashwarat dobara shoro krdye aur pervaiz musharaf ko assembly main laa kr impeachment kranay ka faesla kya. Pervaiz musharaf nay hukumat ki yeh karkardagi dkh kr istifahy ka faisla kya aur 17th aug 2008 ko  apnay uhday say mustafi hogai.

Pervaiz musharaf kay mustafi hotay he ghair mulki sarmaya karon nay Pakistan say apna paisa nikalna shoro krdya jis ki sab say bari missal dollar ka rupay kay aiwaz  chand he arsay main 35% barh jana aur stock market ka 15000 say 5000 ki satah per ajana hai.

Iskay baad colletion ka silsila dobara thora he agay barha tha kay  pml-n nay ppp kay rehnumaun ko un ka dosra wada jo adleea ki bahali ka tha yaad dilana shoro krdya jis main takheer kay bais is colletion ko dobara tootna para aur is dafa pml-n nay pori tarhan say hukumat say alag hokr opposition main bethnay ka faisla kya aur chaudhary nisar ko quaid e hasab-e-ikhtilaf namzad kya gya. Pml-n nay ppp say judges ki bahali kay lye mashwarat ka amal phr bhe jari rakha aur bech main -1 nami formulae per bhe kafi behas hoe magar pml-n azad adleea chahti the aur unho nay adleea say yuck jehti kay lye DATE Punjab main long march ka iniqad kya jis main btaya jata hai ka taqreeban 20 lac afrad shamil huay.

Is manzar nay PPP ki hukumat ko hila dya aur bilakhir DATE ki rat 12 bajay nay army chief pervaiz kiyani nay sadar-e-mumlikat say mulaqat ki aur adleea ko bahal krnay ka mashwara dya. Sadar-e-mumlikat nay army chief ki hidayat per amal kya aur wazir-e-azam yousuf raza gilani ko adleea ko bahal krnay kay ehkamat jari krdye. Aur wazir e azam yousuf raza gilani nay DATE ki subha judges ko bahal krdya.

Deegar aur issues jo is hukumat ki kamyabi kara dye jasaktay hain us main bhasha dam ki tamir ka shoro hona, baluchistan ki awam kay lye aik pakage mutarif karana jisay AGHAZ-e-huqqoq-e-baluchistan kaha gya shamil hain. NFC award main behtri lakr hukumat-e-waqt nay har subay ki awam kay dilon main apnay lye aik bar phr jaga bana li jis kay  tehat yeh bat zair-e-gaur hai kay subhon ko unki majmoi  amdani ka 50  feesad say zaeda milega .

Thar coal project ka aghaz karanay ka sehra bhe isi hukumat kay sir hai. Maeeshat ko behtar bananay kay lye hukumat-e-waqt nay petroleum masnooiat ki keemton main izafa kya takay hukumat jo rukum awam ko subsidy ki shakal main dey rae hai usko wapis ley kr maeeshat per say boojh kum kiya jasakay. Is hukumat nay aik behtreen wheat policy ka elaan bhe kya . khabren majood theen kay hum kuch he arsay main gandum kay bhuran ka shikar honay walay hain magar is policy kay elaan honay kay baad ye imkaanat kafi hudh tk kum hochukay hain.

Dehshat gardi kay khatmay kay lye bhe hukumat nay kai achay iqdamat uthai aur swat aur malakand main dehshat gardon kay khatmay kay lye operation karay jisay hum operation rah-e-rast kay nam say jantay hain.

Ghareeb afraad ki madad kay lye is hukumat nay aik fund mutarif kraya jis ko Benazir Income Support Fund ka nam dya gya. Is fund kay tehat har khandan  ko 1000 rupay mahana dye jatay hain.

Kerry Lugar bill

November 23, 2009

Do we really need money? It is the question of a common man. After having the opinion of several people the result is in negative for the above stated question and many people stated that there is no use for $ 1.5 bln every year. Then why to go for Kerry Lugar bill? The bill which is under process since 3 years when John kerry was in govt of the George W Bush is now about to be signed by the new presidency of the United states.
 The bill contains many aspects which are against the soviegnty and dignity of our country, though , it is stated by the high officials of the Pakistani govt that the bill wont be accepted if it is against the soveignty of our country. Will it really be happen? Our finance minister stated that “ if the kerry lugar bill is rejected we have to go to IMF again for another aid”. But the thing to remember is that IMF wont give us any aid ,they will give us loan on interest which will also be the burden on our shattered economy. This might be a threat so that people might stop the protest against the K-L bill.

Mian Mansha stated that “If the govt. asked me  I can bring $ 2 bln every year as an investment in the country -Sources” then why not the govt is asking from Mian Mansha to bring investment instead of going through the bill.

The main cons of the bill are relating

a)      to the access to the armed forces and

b)      to the nuclear power sector.

Are our army and nuclear power so cheap that we are giving these sectors on RENT  to the foreigners in just $1.5bln every year which is approx $125mln per month. The very intresting thing to be noticed in this bill that the promotion of armed forces will also rest in the hands of US govt.  

The bill also include the sections relating

a)      war against terrorism

but we are already the alleged of Americans in the war against terrorism and we are already getting a handsome amount for this war.

Media only focusing on the negative aspects of Kerry Lugar bill and not focusing on the positive aspects of the bill. The positive aspects can only be covered if there are any positive thing for our country. The only benefit Pakistan is getting from accepting this bill is money that they will get as a rent of their important national assets. If we get an amount of $ 1.5 bln every year which is around 120 bln PKR.

The break-up off this aid will be

1)      60 bln PKR will be used as administrative expense and

2)      the rest 60bln PKR will be injected in certain sectors.

If we convert it into monthly then it can clearly be seen that the country can only increase their revenue by 5 bln PKR per month.

A suggestion from a common man came for increasing the revenue by 5 bln pkr per month is that if we increase only 3.5 rupees on every recharge of RS.100 on our cell fones we can easily achieve target of the desired revenue. In my opinion, if we go to the privatization process of the educational institution we can get 550 bln PKR which is approx $4.75 bln* and it is equivalent to the aid of almost 3 years that we get from K-L bill . This is not enough but we can also raise the tax by Rs.50-60 bln every year in form of tax from those privatized institute.

The another option we can avail is to get aid from China as they are ready to invest a huge amount every year as an investment in our country. But the conflict that will arise by this step is that we already have lot of interference of US in our country so China and US both wont be agree to be together and help Pakistan. The thing that must be noted here that we cant leave US because it is the present super power off the world and we have to face many restriction on our foreign policy if we mess up with US.

From my view point the only useful thing we can do from this money is to repay our IMF loan because sooner or later we have to pay the amount to IMF or we can make agreement in K-L bill that all the conditions are accepted and they use their money to repay our IMF loan. It might be a better option. It is also been said that the bill might be accepted with certain amendments but whatever the amendments be made it will for sure be in favour of US because they are providing us with their money.. Mr.John Kerry in the press conference  on 13th oct 2009 clearly stated that “there will be no amendments in the bill”  

There are only three options through which the bill can be rejected:

1)      Mr.Barack obama himself refuse to sign and send it back to the house of representatives.

2)      The house of representative rejects the bill

3)      A new bill

But the question is Can Pakistan govt. reject this bill. Because if they Rejected the bill they have to face certain consequences . Some of the intresting and most important consequences are

·The cancellation of this bill can affect our resources.

·Pakistan will have to go to IMF for more assistance.

·Pakistan likely to face a budget deficit of $800 million, if bill not approved

·Affect the negotiations for market access to the EU and US markets                            (Both are major trading partners and nearly 70% of our trade is with these two players.)

·Bilateral and multilateral assistance would be hampered

·(US is the major shareholder in all these multi-donor agencies), The assistance    policies of the multilateral-donors are largely influenced by the US.

·Pakistan’s ongoing economic diplomacy efforts, if further negative political, media & public stance on the Kerry-Lugar continue

And Pakistan cannot afford to have certain restriction at this stage. So can we say that we are bound to accept the bill with its unfair conditions? 

All in all the Pakistan govt. is planning to sign the tenancy agreement (rental agreement) with US govt to access their armed forces and nuclear power.


Research Department



Mian Mansha Statement—CNBC on the live show on Wednesday 7th oct 2009.

* Privitization commission report 2006-2009 (20% devaluation in money is added in the figures)