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June 12, 2010

Unjustice still prevails

The budget of Sindh that has been presented by the CM SINDH Qaim Ali Shah on Friday evening sounds to be a good budget, but only for the people connected with the profession of Police or Government employement . But the unjustice that is prevailing in our country since 62 years still prevails.

Firstly, a fund has been formulated with the name of Lyari development fund is a new of its kind. No fund has been made like this in previous government budgets. In other words, you can say that this amount has been provided to the supporters of the present Government i.e. Lyari

Secondly, the development fund for Kemari has also been allocated in the budget. Again this amount is allocated for the area that consists a great number of present government supporters .

Thirdly, the budget allocated to Larkana exceeds to the budget of Hyderabad. Though more development is needed in Hyderabad than Larkana. Again larkana is the headquarters of the current government .

It can clearly been seen that new funds have been allocated for the urban areas as the great number of the supporters of present government prevails in these areas ,whereas, in the rural areas there is a shortfall of the resepective supproters

Though Karachi is also given a large amount of fund and I am very thankful to the Chief Minister for this kind act. But I want to draw the attention of the respective authorities and the MPA’s of Sindh to kindly consider the facts and then allocate the budget to the areas where the development is more important and the state/province can be benefited by this development. Budget deficit to some extent is a good thing for the growing economy as it shows the development in the country whereas Budget surplus depicts that other way round.


Nauman Adil



Student Diary!

June 4, 2010

Every thing that is even 1% negatively said with respect to Pakistan that motivates me to write for my blog and spread my message and views among my friends and blog followers. Today, 4th June 2010, I have a class of Managerial Communication in the morning.

We were going through the effectiveness of Communication in the professional life . As we reach that your attitude is also very important along with the communication skill in order to get success in the professional life, there it is mentioned that Smell and Taste are also the two components of your attitude. The instructor in a very friendly manner and having a kidding kind of expressions and said that in Pakistan if men uses the women sprays or deodorants no one can identify , But if this happens in USA the people can easily identify that which smell you are using.

So I thought to share this thing with you along with my views and reservations over this statement. First of all , It is right that the citizen of our country are not so brand conscious or most of them even do not use sprays as they cannot afford it. This might be the reason that they cannot identify. But the main thing I want to mention is that the states of European and American countries are covered by cold almost 80% of the year and there weather do not allow them to take showers for about 3 4 times ,as we used to take. This is the reason why those people use sprays and then obviously the spray or deodorants companies promote their product according and properly segmentized in those areas rather than to do it in Asian countries.

Due to the less number of showers they take may be in some 3 days or a week can throw them down like nothing if they do not use sprays there. So its essential for them to use that product . In this way they can obviously identify the brand or the fragrance one is using.

This statement do not hurt me in class. But this left some views in my mind so I thought to share them up with you.