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Interview with Riaz Rafi

April 30, 2010

During my internship in CNBC PAKISTAN for 3.5 months I got an opportunity to have chit chat with interesting personnel. Once I also got an opportunity to meet with the painter during my assignment on Art and Culture. And unfortunately the first ever interview conducted by me was with the person whom I can’t forget ever. His name is Riaz Rafi.

I met Riaz Rafi with a refrence of the senior anchor working in CNBC PAKISTAN. At the noon of Saturday me along with my producer and the cameraman reached at the streets of defence which is known as the famous 26th street in Karachi. There we had been told to stop by a mechanic at the end of the road and ask where Riaz Rafi use to live. We did the same. The mechanic pointed out at the door and said here he lives.

I would not be wrong if I say that his house gives a look at its under construction specially the condition of the entrance door of his house backed my reservations. But what I realize after sometime that this door is the place where beauty starts . It was a door of a hard rock having carved work on it. When we entered the home we saw different sculptures and beautiful art work waiting for us on the stairs of Riaz Rafi home.

Finally we entered into his lounge after passing through a great art work. The things that can most easily be identified in his lounge are the bottles of branded Champaign . Though we look innocent from our faces so he didn’t try to offer us that drink and bring a large bottle of water with three empty glasses and offered us . We all look at each other and smiled. That smile convey the message to each other.

While the camera man was setting up the camera my producer start having some talk with Riaz Rafi about her paintings and art work. I also did some research about Riaz rafi before meeting him so it was a great chance for me to throw that research in front of Riaz Rafi so that leaves a good impression on him with respect to me before the interview starts and he knows that I know a lot about his art work.

During the chat before an interview he narrated his life story. The most interesting thing that I came to know about Riaz Rafi was regarding his relation with the medical profession when he first stepped into the higher education. He admitted as the student of medical in his higher education and left this profession when he was in his 3rd year. He left his studies due to his interest in art work. His family felt their disgrace at that time and Riaz Rafi have to leave his home. Riaz Rafi did not lose hope and start working hard with full pace.

He use to do his art work on the foothpaths and on the streets. Then he went to one of the famous painter (I do not remember the name of that painter at the moment) who at that time owns a art gallery and a painting library too. Riaz Rafi start assisting him into his work. Though Riaz Rafi have the passion for art but to reached on to some position he also did filing work for the library of that renowned painter. He also made invoices and also fills in the cheques on behalf of the art gallery owner. He did this so he can easily be in touch with the famous painters of that time.

Riaz Rafi wants his art work to be displayed into the art gallery where he is working , but according to the owner of the art gallery “ if he put Riaz Rafi work into his art gallery than people will say that The Owner is trying to promote his assistant”. So he refused Riaz Rafi proposal of displaying his work on this basis. The person too whom Riaz Rafi use to assist believes that his art work is of some good level therefore, he advised him to display his art work into some other art gallery.

This was the start where Riaz Rafi name starts shining. His painting starts selling out and soon he became the renowned artist around the globe. Now he is not only the painter but also the art collector and have great piece of collection of different artists into his home.

I still remember he narrated that his first painting had been sold out in 800 Rs back around 25 years.

Too be continued