July 8, 2010

Education is the most important factor for the progress of any nation. If we provide good and standard education than we can produce Good sports men, Good enterprenuer, Good journalists , Good Agriculturalsit, Good Scientist etc.

Now the question is how to give education and to whom it should be given?

In the Urban areas theres is no need for any investment in any sector as they are already well equipped Financiall and morally both. The place like Swat, Malakand , Bagh, Azad kashmir and places like this should have a good education system.

The citizen Fondation (TCF) is working hard to promote the education in the country and establishing educational institutions all around the country.


Fund raising is the main problem when any initiative is taken. Telethon is the reasonable way to raise the funds. This can be done with the collaboration with TCF so that strict survillence and check can be maintain in those education institutions.


Telethon can be done with the help of any electronic media dat is involved in CSR activities (SAMAA , CNBC, GEO) and funds can be raised.

I can send u the proper format of how it is conducted and how it can be carried out on demand.

Intorduce a scheme ADOPT A CHILD .

Rs. 833/- per month on per student are the expenses that has been calculated by TCF . Which are approx 10,000/- a year on one student. Telenor can Introudce a scheme through which a person can adopt a child for their education of one year.


A telenor customer should recharge their account with the respective amount of donation and adopt a child. A telenor will thn use the money in the respective child FEES.


TCF is the renowned NGO working for the education in pakistan.. So people are having more faith on TCF thn TELENOR . so an element of trust will also be involved in this scheme and people will den be more willing to donate


Nauman Adil

Iqra University


Difference Between WEDDING and FUNERAL

July 4, 2010

Teri doli uthi,
Meri mayyat uthi,

Phool tujh par bhi barsey,
Phool mujh par bhi barsey,

Tu saj gayi,
Mujhe sajaya gaya .

Tu bhi ghar ko chali,
Main bi ghar ko chala,

Tu uth ke gayi,
Mujhe uthaya gaya .

Mehfil wahan bhi thi,
Log yahan bhi thay,

Unka hasna wahan,
Inka rona yahan.

Qazi udhar bhi tha, Molvi idhar bhi tha,
Do bol tere parhay, Do bol mere parhey,
Tera nikah parha, Mera janaaza parha,

Tujhe apnaya gaya ,
Mujhe dafnaya gaya


June 12, 2010

Unjustice still prevails

The budget of Sindh that has been presented by the CM SINDH Qaim Ali Shah on Friday evening sounds to be a good budget, but only for the people connected with the profession of Police or Government employement . But the unjustice that is prevailing in our country since 62 years still prevails.

Firstly, a fund has been formulated with the name of Lyari development fund is a new of its kind. No fund has been made like this in previous government budgets. In other words, you can say that this amount has been provided to the supporters of the present Government i.e. Lyari

Secondly, the development fund for Kemari has also been allocated in the budget. Again this amount is allocated for the area that consists a great number of present government supporters .

Thirdly, the budget allocated to Larkana exceeds to the budget of Hyderabad. Though more development is needed in Hyderabad than Larkana. Again larkana is the headquarters of the current government .

It can clearly been seen that new funds have been allocated for the urban areas as the great number of the supporters of present government prevails in these areas ,whereas, in the rural areas there is a shortfall of the resepective supproters

Though Karachi is also given a large amount of fund and I am very thankful to the Chief Minister for this kind act. But I want to draw the attention of the respective authorities and the MPA’s of Sindh to kindly consider the facts and then allocate the budget to the areas where the development is more important and the state/province can be benefited by this development. Budget deficit to some extent is a good thing for the growing economy as it shows the development in the country whereas Budget surplus depicts that other way round.


Nauman Adil


Student Diary!

June 4, 2010

Every thing that is even 1% negatively said with respect to Pakistan that motivates me to write for my blog and spread my message and views among my friends and blog followers. Today, 4th June 2010, I have a class of Managerial Communication in the morning.

We were going through the effectiveness of Communication in the professional life . As we reach that your attitude is also very important along with the communication skill in order to get success in the professional life, there it is mentioned that Smell and Taste are also the two components of your attitude. The instructor in a very friendly manner and having a kidding kind of expressions and said that in Pakistan if men uses the women sprays or deodorants no one can identify , But if this happens in USA the people can easily identify that which smell you are using.

So I thought to share this thing with you along with my views and reservations over this statement. First of all , It is right that the citizen of our country are not so brand conscious or most of them even do not use sprays as they cannot afford it. This might be the reason that they cannot identify. But the main thing I want to mention is that the states of European and American countries are covered by cold almost 80% of the year and there weather do not allow them to take showers for about 3 4 times ,as we used to take. This is the reason why those people use sprays and then obviously the spray or deodorants companies promote their product according and properly segmentized in those areas rather than to do it in Asian countries.

Due to the less number of showers they take may be in some 3 days or a week can throw them down like nothing if they do not use sprays there. So its essential for them to use that product . In this way they can obviously identify the brand or the fragrance one is using.

This statement do not hurt me in class. But this left some views in my mind so I thought to share them up with you.


May 25, 2010

Dedicated to Dr.M.I.Subhani

Dr.M.I Subhani is my instructor for the course of Business Economics. He is a multi Talented person and a research expert. After doing my Business economics course from him I thought to share his personality and his style with you all. I hope I didn’t write anything which will insult or disgrace somebody.

Kadh hai un ka chota sa,
Aur sar pat unki chal hai
Dublay say patlay say hain
Par chaltay seena taan kr hain,
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

Dekha jab unko pehali bar
Hain yeh kon , dil main aya khayal
Jab rakha qadam unho nay class main
Tu aya samaj hamay yeh
Acha yeh hain hamare subhani sahab
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

Dur gae thay hum pehli bar
Jab class main kya in ka deedar
Kuch aya na samaj kay kya Karen
Kuch bolay hum tu phans gae yar
Par main yeh fakhr say bola yar
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

Jab shoro kiya unho nay parhana
Dil main aya, Ab tu hum gae yar
Phr bhe hum nay hausla rakha
Aur laymen or keynessian ko samjha
Agya jb hamay samaj, Laga kiya maidan-e-jang fatha
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

Demand Supply Ka bhe kya kehna
Flatter ,unitary bhe wah bhai wah
Substitute ,complement bhe hum nay parha
Physics ,stats bhe economics main parhi
Maths ko bhe hum nay pechay nae chora
Sab kuch aik sans main parhanay wale
Yeh hain hamare Subhani Sahab

Jab aye midterm kareeb hamaray
Dur tha hamare dil mein yeh
Kay kya hoga hamara ab
Kya ayega paper main ab
Kr bhe paengay hum woh paper
Jo hoga baht he zaeda conceptual
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahab

Aya paper jab midterm ka
Khauf kay maray paper na hua
Paper krkay jab baahr niklay
Sab kay latkay chehray dekhay
Magar Karam hai Subhani sahib ka
Jinho nay hamay achay number dye
Yeh hain hamaray subhani sahab

Baat follow krtay krtay
Hum na thakay Yun Parhtay parhtay
Class ko sath ley kr chalna
Yeh tha in ka bara karnama
Akhir kar sab nay mana
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

IC, Monopoly sirf samajh main aya
Jab Larka larki ki kahani banai
Hain tu akhir hum bhe larkay
Pata hai yeh ustaad ko bhe
Kaise hain yeh subhani sahib
Yeh hain hamare Subhani sahib

Inho nay hamay danta Baap ki tarhan
Marnay main bhe apna farz nibhaya,
Zaleel tu main bhe hua in say bahut
Magar seekha bhe mainay in say baht
Krta hun in ki izzat
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahib

Ab yaron waqt aya final ka, hai yeh hamara asal imtihan
hongay pass ya fail hum, tha yeh dur sab ko he
Sab masroof thay fair register bananay main
Chupatay thay apnay dur ko sab
Subhani sahib ilm rakhtay thay is khauf ka
Yeh hain hamary subhani sahib

Akhir paper aya final ka, Dhai ghantay thay jiskay lye kum
Thay bus woh 8 mcq’s , Magar us main chupi the poori dastan
Hogya mushkil paper krna , Magar akhir main kr he lya
Bahar nikal kr pata yeh chala, kuch he hua hai hum say sahe
Dastan-e-Economics khatam hoe, aur result ka intizar shoro hua
Yehhain hamare subhani sahib

Result say aik rat pehlay, aye na neend hamay
Socha humnay yeh , hoga kya economics main
Jab result khola tu economics Clear tha
Isse khuda per yaqeen pukhta hua
Krdi khuda nay hamari madad
Mera abhe bhe yehe kehna
Yeh hain hamare subhani sahab

Sab hai yeh bolay, Sir hain esay , Sir hain waise
Main unsay yehe bola, Sir hain bhat he conceptual,
Views clear hain tu economics kadmon main hain
Warna tu economics kay kadmon main hai
Nauman abhe bhe yehe kahaiga
Yeh hain Hamare subhani sahib.

I will appreciate if u leave your valubale comments

Interview with Riaz Rafi

April 30, 2010

During my internship in CNBC PAKISTAN for 3.5 months I got an opportunity to have chit chat with interesting personnel. Once I also got an opportunity to meet with the painter during my assignment on Art and Culture. And unfortunately the first ever interview conducted by me was with the person whom I can’t forget ever. His name is Riaz Rafi.

I met Riaz Rafi with a refrence of the senior anchor working in CNBC PAKISTAN. At the noon of Saturday me along with my producer and the cameraman reached at the streets of defence which is known as the famous 26th street in Karachi. There we had been told to stop by a mechanic at the end of the road and ask where Riaz Rafi use to live. We did the same. The mechanic pointed out at the door and said here he lives.

I would not be wrong if I say that his house gives a look at its under construction specially the condition of the entrance door of his house backed my reservations. But what I realize after sometime that this door is the place where beauty starts . It was a door of a hard rock having carved work on it. When we entered the home we saw different sculptures and beautiful art work waiting for us on the stairs of Riaz Rafi home.

Finally we entered into his lounge after passing through a great art work. The things that can most easily be identified in his lounge are the bottles of branded Champaign . Though we look innocent from our faces so he didn’t try to offer us that drink and bring a large bottle of water with three empty glasses and offered us . We all look at each other and smiled. That smile convey the message to each other.

While the camera man was setting up the camera my producer start having some talk with Riaz Rafi about her paintings and art work. I also did some research about Riaz rafi before meeting him so it was a great chance for me to throw that research in front of Riaz Rafi so that leaves a good impression on him with respect to me before the interview starts and he knows that I know a lot about his art work.

During the chat before an interview he narrated his life story. The most interesting thing that I came to know about Riaz Rafi was regarding his relation with the medical profession when he first stepped into the higher education. He admitted as the student of medical in his higher education and left this profession when he was in his 3rd year. He left his studies due to his interest in art work. His family felt their disgrace at that time and Riaz Rafi have to leave his home. Riaz Rafi did not lose hope and start working hard with full pace.

He use to do his art work on the foothpaths and on the streets. Then he went to one of the famous painter (I do not remember the name of that painter at the moment) who at that time owns a art gallery and a painting library too. Riaz Rafi start assisting him into his work. Though Riaz Rafi have the passion for art but to reached on to some position he also did filing work for the library of that renowned painter. He also made invoices and also fills in the cheques on behalf of the art gallery owner. He did this so he can easily be in touch with the famous painters of that time.

Riaz Rafi wants his art work to be displayed into the art gallery where he is working , but according to the owner of the art gallery “ if he put Riaz Rafi work into his art gallery than people will say that The Owner is trying to promote his assistant”. So he refused Riaz Rafi proposal of displaying his work on this basis. The person too whom Riaz Rafi use to assist believes that his art work is of some good level therefore, he advised him to display his art work into some other art gallery.

This was the start where Riaz Rafi name starts shining. His painting starts selling out and soon he became the renowned artist around the globe. Now he is not only the painter but also the art collector and have great piece of collection of different artists into his home.

I still remember he narrated that his first painting had been sold out in 800 Rs back around 25 years.

Too be continued

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March 7, 2010



January 7, 2010

The Internet giant billed the touch-screen device, the culmination of collaboration with Taiwanese electronics titan HTC, a “superphone” that marked the next step in the evolution of its Android software.

“I think you will see it pushes the limits of what’s possible on a smart phone,” HTC chief executive Peter Chou said as the smartphone debuted at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

“It is very thin and feels good in your hand.”

Nexus One handsets are no thicker than pencils and no heavier than keychain Swiss Army knives, Google engineer Erick Tseng said while demonstrating one of the smartphones.

“It is a great marriage of form and function,” Tseng said.

Nexus One smartphones are built on the same Android 2.1 software that runs Droid smartphones that recently hit the market with innovations like 3D graphics, according to Tseng.

The handsets feature new speech command capabilities that allow users to speak emails, text messages or Internet search queries.

Nexus One devices can provide turn-by-turn spoken driving directions from a Google mapping program.

Google launched its own online store at where the Nexus One will be sold.

“This is really a Google phone,” said Interpret analyst Michael Gartenberg.

“A lot of the Android phones that came to market are kind of lackluster. One of the ways to avoid mediocrity is to kick things up a couple of notches yourself.”

Nexus One smartphones will be sold at the Google-hosted Web store for 529 dollars “unlocked,” without ties to a telecom carrier.

Nexus One handsets will be offered starting at 179 dollars if paired with T-Mobile service contracts in the United States.

Google has made “strategic partnerships” with telecom firm Verizon in the United States and Vodafone in Europe.

Nexus One devices linked to service from Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe should be available by mid-year, according to Google.

Google said it will ship Nexus One devices to buyers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and the United States.

The smartphones are designed to work with a variety of telecom carrier networks.

“You can take out your SIM card from any provider and put it in the phone,” said Google vice president of product management Mario Queiroz.

The Internet search and advertising giant has a foothold in the market with its Android mobile operating system, featured in more than 20 phones since starting with T-Mobile’s G1 in October 2008.

“Google made it very clear that all Android devices are created equal, but some devices are created more equally than others,” Gartenberg said.

“They’ve raised the bar for their partners and they’ve tried to raise the bar for the ecosystem. They’ve clearly shown how they want to be a player.”

Analysts have expressed concern that Google’s move could irk partners backing handsets based on the Internet firm’s open-source Android software.

“I don’t see it as a threat,” said Sanjay Jha, chief of mobile devices at handset titan Motorola, which recently brought to market a Droid smartphone based on Android software.

“I think the Nexus One is a good phone. I think we will upgrade Droid to the software available on Nexus One.”

Chou and Jha said they support Google’s new phone and Web store as a “healthy” expansion of the mobile phone ecosystem.

Google executives sidestepped questions about whether the Nexus One is intended as an “iPhone killer,” but acknowledged it should prove a powerful competitor.

Like iPhones, Nexus One devices feature “accelerometer” capabilities allowing images or games on handsets to be controlled with twists or turns.

“The message isn’t to the iPhone specifically, it is to consumers,” said Google vice president of engineering Andy Rubin. “Choice is a good thing.”

Google has an online Android Marketplace stocked with about 20,000 functional or hip applications for smartphones running the software.

With a far greater stockpile of applications, Apple’s online App Store is considered among the reasons iPhones have become globally coveted devices.

Apple meanwhile announced that more than three billion mini-applications for iPhone and iPod Touch devices have been downloaded from the App Store in less than 18 months.

“We see no signs of the competition catching up any time soon,” Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said in a statement.



December 16, 2009

The family of Haris Steel mill took the loan of Rs. 9 billion from BOP. to close the case available in SC they offered bribe to some of the big lawyers and a shameful thing is this all the lawyers accepted that bribe. The details of the bribe taken are as under:
Rs35 million to Dr Awan
Rs10 million to former adviser Sharifuddin Pirzada,
Rs20 million to Malik Qayyum
Rs7.5 million to Ali Waseem, son of Waseem Sajjad,

kindly leave ur comments. Please make sure that the comments are only ur views and donot contains any vulgarity.

Nauman Adil
Cnbc Pakistan

SC judgement on NRO

December 11, 2009


SC says NRO void to reopen all cases

Govt requests the apex court to nullify NRO
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) Thursday observed that it had no intention to derail the system, and stood by it in all respects, adding if NRO is declared null and void then all the cases will stand reopen automatically. This was observed by the 17-member larger bench of the SC during hearing of NRO-related cases here.
The court rejected the plea taken by Dr Farooq Ahsan, counsel for Qazi Hussain Ahmad, that President Asif Zardari be made respondent in this case, remarking that in his petition the President has not been made party while in other petitions President has been made party.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, counsel for Dr Mubashar Hassan; Ikram Chaudhry, counsel for Roedad Khan; and Dr Farooq Hassan, counsel for Qazi Hussain Ahmad completed their arguments.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzada argued NRO was legislation enacted against the Constitution. Therefore, it should not be considered law from the very first day as Constitution never permitted to enact such laws, he added. The cases against beneficiaries of NRO were still intact and if this Ordinance was declared unconstitutional then all the benefits sought under NRO would stand abolished.
Ikram Chaudhry said that NRO was not a national reconciliation but it was a deal struck between a dictator and a political party. It gave no relief to common man and it benefited only specific group, he contended. Justice Javed Iqbal observed it was not important during which regime the cases were instituted or quashed but the noteworthy point was this that the courts did not terminate these cases. Ikram Chaudhry said that the high commissioner who had obtained record in respect of Swiss accounts himself was beneficiary of NRO. Ikram Chaudhry said NAB had concealed the facts from the court. Correct record in respect of 8 persons has not been provided to the court. Rehman Malik had committed corruption of $1.5 million and not only Rs1.5 million. Several ministers benefited from NRO, he added. An individual promulgated the Ordinance for his personal gains, he noted.
Farooq Hassan said temptation had been given for corruption through NRO. This ordinance was against the law and now the entire nation was looking forward to the court, he added. Kamal Azfar, counsel for Federation, said that NRO be kept confined to petition filed by Dr Mubashar Hassan. Several new points have emerged in the case. Therefore all other petitioners be allowed to file petitions and fresh notice be issued to Federation, he submitted. Earlier, Federal government filed a statement with the apex court requesting therein to accept the challenges against the NRO and declare it as ultra vires of the Constitution. Barrister Kamal Azfar filed the statement on behalf of the federation before the larger bench. The hearing was adjourned till Monday.-Online
Source:The financial daily